Interview Tips

Published: 07th July 2011
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Interview Tips

Title :- An Article On Interview Tips

Summary :- This article summerises how to face the interview & what are the points to be remember before going to the interview & how to become a sucessfull in interview

Description :-

Facing The Interview is the big Job in our life after completting our graduation. This sentence is used mostly by the freshers who just completed their graduation and hunting for their job. After giving the interview they will get the idea about the interview and they become expert in giving interview. You can Maximize your chances of getting the job by following points.

1. Be On Time:- You must be on time for interview. You must also think about the traffic and how long it take to reach the venue. And remember - you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

2. Be Prepared:- While going for the interview you must visit yours companys website. Explain them the opportunity to talk proudly about something positive you have found.

3. What are your Weakness :- While going for interview you must think what are your weakness then you must find out a solution on that then you practise it on your weakness points before going for interview. You must not show any weakness point to the interviewer while interview process. It is the important point due to this you may loose your chances of job.

4. You never get a second chance to make a first impression :-

Their must be a SMILE in your face while giving interview.The dress code must be formal and the dress color must be light because your are going to work in a professional company.And don't forget to give a handshake. And you must maintain a eye contact.

5. Be Honest :- You must not lie when you are telling about your background and/or skill. If you get caught that you are lying then their is chances to loose your job opportunity.

6. Check your CV:- while going for interview you must have a look on your cv that you can explain all the topics from your CV.

7. Talk about specific achievement:- The interviewer may ask about your

particular success. Some of them they will ask for specific examples of things you've done that you're particularly proud of, and how you solved problems, or how you learnt - and improved - from difficult situations.8.

8. Dont Talk to much:- In interview you must not talk too much. And you must answers it wich they ask.Communication is a two way process so give them a chance too.

9. Take a Spare Photo & Cv with you:- while going for interview you must take your photo & CV so that interviewer may remember you after the interview

10. Be enthusiastic & positive:- Dont criticise on the previous interview wich you have been given and you have not selected. So focus on positive achievement and views.

By studying on above mention points before going for interview you can get success in your interview and their is a chances for getting a "Right Job For your Bright Future".

Best of luck!!!

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